Service Bulletins and Instructions

Release date Document STCs affected
11/08/2017 TAT SI17-01 Replacement hoses SA10588SC, SE10589SC
08/16/2015 TAT SI11-08 Frozen turbos SA5223NM, SE5222NM, SA00214DE, SE00215DE, SA10588SC, SE10589SC, SA4081NM, SE4082NM
08/16/2015 TAT SI15-01 Wastegate outlet hose SA10588SC, SE10589SC
02/05/2015 35-4960006 Beech o2 System ICA SA10960SC
04/26/2013 77-6460004 Cardinal Cruiser ICA SA4081NM, SE4082NM
10/27/2012 TAT SB12-02 Fuel Pump Inspection (supersedes TAT SB11-02) SA10588SC, SE10589SC
06/15/2012 TAT SB12-01 Hydrostatic testing of o2 bottles SA5223NM
11/29/2011 TAT SA11-09 Starter Adapter Inspection SA5223NM, SE5222NM, SA10588SC, SE10589SC
10/26/2011 TAT SI11-08 Approved Spark Plugs SA5223NM, SE5222NM, SA00214DE, SE00215DE, SA10588SC, SE10589SC
10/12/2011 TAT SB11-07 Approved Spark Plugs SA4081NM, SE4082NM
09/29/2011 85-6460001 85-6460001 Cessna A185 Continued Airworthiness SA00214DE, SE00215DE
09/29/2011 35-6460001 Beech Bonanza Continued Airworthiness Manual SA5223NM, SE5222NM
09/29/2011 TAT SB11-06 Approved Spark Plugs SA5223NM, SE5222NM, SA00214DE, SE00215DE
09/23/2011 TAT SB11-05 Fine Wire Spark Plugs SA10588SC, SE10589SC
09/22/2011 22-6460004 Continued Airworthiness Manual SA10588SC, SE10589SC
07/14/2011 TAT SB11-04 Turbo oil supply inlet screen inspection SA10588SC, SE10589SC
06/28/2011 TAT SI11-03 Turbo support assembly inspection SA10588SC, SE10589SC
03/31/2011 TAT SI11-01 Exhaust slip joint inspection. Rev A SA10588SC, SE10589SC
03/22/2011 TAT SB11-02 Fuel pump inspection (superseded by TAT SB12-02) SA10588SC, SE10589SC
12/02/2010 TAT SA12-01 Release of Hartzell Engine Technologies Service Bulletin No. 040 SA10588SC, SE10589SC
11/09/2010 SB 040 CHRA Turbocharger CHRA contamination SA10588SC, SE10589SC
01/20/2010 TAT SB10-02 Supplemental tailpipe hanger inspection SA10588SC, SE10589SC
01/20/2010 TAT SB10-01 Alternate air door hingepin inspection SA10588SC, SE10589SC
01/20/2010 TAT SB09-02 Reflow fuel injection servo SA4081NM, SE4082NM
04/27/2009 TAT SI08-01 Crankcase Breather Discharge Tube SA10588SC, SE10589SC
04/10/2009 TAT SB09-01 Exhaust manifold inspection SA10588SC, SE10589SC
03/12/2009 TAT SI08-05 Air filter inspection SA10588SC, SE10589SC
02/06/2009 TAT SI08-04 Cabin Heat Augmenter/Tailpipe inspection SA10588SC, SE10589SC
08/26/2008 TAT SB08-03 Update scheduled maintenance checks SA10588SC, SE10589SC
02/08/2008 TAT SB08-02 PRV/Y tube inspection SA10588SC
02/08/2008 TAT SB08-01 Right hand exhaust elbow modification SA10588SC
02/08/2008 TAT SB08-01 Information sheet for TAT SB08-01 SA10588SC
02/08/2008 SA 08-03 Cirrus Owner Service Advisory SA10588SC
08/23/2007 FAA-2007-28863 Airworthiness directive SA10588SC, SE10589SC
07/25/2007 Kelly SB027 Turbocharger inspection SA10588SC, SE10589SC
01/15/2007 TAT SB07-01 Wastegate support bracket installation SA10588SC, SE10589SC
05/23/2000 MSB TAT 2000-1 Tailpipe support installation SA5223NM, SE5222NM
11/22/1998 MSB TAT 98-1 V-band clamp inspection SA5223NM, SE5222NM

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